Intelligent Asset Distribution, Management & Tracking

At iTrackPPE we support organisations in optimising their risk critical assets by providing real time tracking, management and modelled distribution to ensure users have the correct equipment in the right place at the right time.

Our Innovation

iTrackPPE is a Tech start up specialising in exploiting technology to allow Public and Private sector organisations to optimise their risk critical assets by providing maximum utilisation whilst minimising overall asset holdings.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology combined with bespoke computer modelling, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms ensures end users have access to Personal Protective and essential Life Saving equipment at all times.

Why Choose iTrackPPE?

The full impact of COVID and the global economic downturn will be felt for many years, therefore it is imperative Public and Private sector organisations make the most effective use of their risk critical life saving assets.

iTrackPPE has been created to support the UK Fire & Rescue Service (UKFRS) to make better use of its Firefighters Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Traditionally multiple sets of PPE are issued on an individual Firefighter basis for their exclusive use. Therefore 50% of all PPE assets are not available to anyone else at all times! 

Our computer modelled distribution and tracking solution allows PPE to be issued on an individual loan basis with a localised and organisational pool stock available to all end users to replace dirty or damaged assets.

Localised stocks are determined by a bespoke algorithm which analyses multiple data points that dictates the optimal asset provision resulting in high activity locations having more assets than low activity locations. 

Academic validation has confirmed the iTrackPPE solution is six times less likely to result in Firefighters not having access to PPE at their location than the current legacy solution. 

Adopting iTrackPPE can potentially reduce the organisations asset holding by up to 40% and annual repair and replacement revenue costs by up to 70%.  

Our mission is to ensure all organisations use their risk critical life saving assets in the most effective and efficient way to maximise safety and efficiency. Therefore, iTrackPPE has been designed to be adaptable for multiple applications based on the organisations need, such as the intelligent management and tracking of NHS PPE and life saving medical equipment.

Financial Efficiency

iTrackPPE has the potential to reduce organisational asset holding and annual revenue costs by intelligently distributing, tracking and managing individual risk critical assets.

Example Case Study

A UKFRS with 1000 staff choosing ‘personal issue’ distribution of PPE would, on asset refresh, buy approximately 5500 assets (circa £1.65m) to guarantee PPE availability.

They would then on average procure an additional 550 assets (circa £165k) per year for new entrants, repair and replacements.

With iTrackPPE, the asset holding for 1000 staff would be reduced to circa 3300 assets (£990k) with an annual asset replacement reduced to circa 165 assets (£49.5k) per year.

This will produce on average a 40% reduction (£651k) in capital procurement and 70% revenue (£115.5k) per year.

International and UK studies are making links to PPE contamination at fires increasing cancer risk for Firefighters.

Emerging opinion and potential future legislation will mandate all PPE to be washed after every exposure to contaminants.

This legislation will require FRS’s using the ‘personal issue’ distribution model to procure a minimum of 50% more PPE. Based on 1000 staff this equates to 2750 assets (£825k) to maintain availability.

If iTrackPPE is adopted academic validation has confirmed the FRS will only require to procure 10% additional PPE.

Therefore only 330 assets (£99k) would be required to maintain improved PPE availability, which is estimated to be six times more resilient than traditional personal issue approaches.

Business Improvement

The ability to account for and track all PPE assets in real time through RFID technology and tailored storage solutions.

Station specific size and stock profiles created through sophisticated data modelling.

A simplistic end user interface and supporting intelligence led logistical arrangements.

An end to end digital process reducing end user complexity ‘Click – Collect – Forget’

Real time organisational wide asset performance information

Enhanced managed care provider performance management and accountability

Our Services

We offer a range of services to enable organisations to realise Real Time Tracking, Intelligent Management and Effective Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment. Our modular approach ensures the solution meets the needs of our customers based on the ‘best fit’ by understanding the unique requirements of each organisation.

iTrackPPE ‘Core’

‘Core’ is the foundation of the iTrackPPE concept when implemented as part of an asset refresh:

  • Organisational analysis and data modelling aligned to strategic objectives
  • ‘Optimal’ and ‘Maximal’ distributed assets model options
  • Tracked storage solution design, site survey and installation
  • Hardware, back office and network configuration 
  • End User application and hardware commissioning

iTrackPPE ‘Legacy’

iTrackPPE ‘Legacy’ connects with ‘Core’ and provides end to end integration of RFID scanning capability of existing risk critical assets and PPE. 

Our team will undertake or support:

  • Legacy asset audit
  • Retrospective assets tagging
  • Optimal distribution analysis and mapping 

iTrackPPE ‘Performance’

iTrackPPE ‘Performance’ integrates state of the art analytics to dynamically manage asset distribution and provide performance data. 

Our solution monitors multiple data sources to provide a real time, end user configurable dashboard showing asset status, location, utilisation, condition and compliance reporting. 

Our dynamic fully configurable dashboard will provide alerts of asset deficiences at each location, end user allocation deficiences and assets identified as being unaccounted for.

About iTrackPPE

Our Concept

iTrackPPE presents a unique opportunity for organisations to improve the way it procures, distributes, manages and monitors it’s risk critical Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and life saving assets.

Fundamentally, iTrackPPE is an ‘Invest to Save’ proposition, where the costs to implement and manage the solution are recovered either through a reduced capital investment during asset refresh or year on year revenue efficiencies through reduced asset repair and replacement costs. On average it is predicted full cost recovery for iTrackPPE can be realised within 3 years

Our Approach

We pride ourselves in creating safe ‘disruptive’ environments which encourages your organisations process owners to challenge conventional thinking to enable you to redefine the most effective and efficient solutions.

We specialise in reimagining proven solutions into your context and then seeking opportunities to integrate bleeding edge technology and artificial intelligence to optimise risk critical asset use and business outcomes.

Our Experience

iTrackPPE has evolved through experience in developing and implementing proven concepts and blending them with ‘bleeding edge’ technology to realise ‘End User’ focused solutions, which deliver optimal asset distribution, availability and efficiency.

iTrackPPE Team members have over 30 years experience working in the Public Sector both within Fire & Rescue Authorities, Local and UK Government as well as an extensive international network of collaborative partners.

Our Technology Partners

We are proud to have an extensive network of technology and academic partners who we create innovative solutions with.

Our Environment

The iTrackPPE ‘Mission’ is to contribute to Public and Private sector organisational success by enabling them to intelligently manage and optimise their assets to reduce the impact on our environment and enhance sustainability. 

Adoption of iTrackPPE will realise significant operational improvements, reduce asset over provision and under utilisation, while simultaneously delivering financial efficiencies through reducing unnecessary asset disposal and replacement. 

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